SCPS Logo Icon

Logos without text are generally intended for internal use to setup various digital services as such social media icons and so forth. For all other use cases, master logos are recommended.  The SCPS logos  must not be modified in any way.

SCPS Icon - Colour Logo
For Screen
  • SCPS Icon - Colour Logo - RGB.svg
  • SCPS Icon - Colour Logo -
  • SCPS Icon - Colour Logo - RGB.png
For Print
  • SCPS Icon - Colour Logo - CMYK.eps
SCPS Icon - Negative Logo
For Screen
  • SCPS Icon - Negative Logo - RGB.svg
  • SCPS Icon - Negative Logo -
  • SCPS Icon - Negative Logo - RGB.png
For Print
  • SCPS Icon - Negative Logo - CMYK.eps
SCPS Icon - Mono Logo
For Screen
  • SCPS Icon - Mono Logo - RGB.svg
  • SCPS Icon - Mono Logo-
  • SCPS Icon - Mono Logo - RGB.png
For Print
  • SCPS Icon - Mono Logo - CMYK.eps
Clear Spaces around SCPS Logos

The logo should  have a minimum area of space around it for aesthetics. The clear spaces ensure that headlines, text or other visual elements do not encroach on the logo. The minimum space is shown by the surrounding text.  Where possible, keep the space around the logo greater than the minimum guidance shown.

SCPS Logo - Vertical Layout
SCPS Logo - Horizontal Layout
Minimum Size For SCPS Logos

Minimum sizes for the logos are shown below. Scale and proportion should be determined by the available space, aesthetics, function and visibility.

SVG vs PNG logos for presentations & documents

For applications like Microsoft Powerpoint, Microsoft Word, Apple Keynote, and Apple Pages both SVG and PNG logo types can be used. However, it is recommended that SVG variants are chosen over PNG images. The variety of devices, screen sizes, and display resolutions makes quality scalability and responsiveness essential in providing your digital audience with an optimal experience. Some images may look fine at first glance, but as viewers start zooming in, they may begin to wonder if they need to grab their reading glasses to clear up the emerging blurriness. There are two major types of two-dimensional digital graphics used –raster and vector. Raster logos in the the form of the PNG logos are composed of a fixed set of tiny dots or pixels. SVGs are vector images which are composed of mathematical equations where lines and curves (or paths) make up graphic shapes. Although SVGs have been around a long time and offer several advantages, they are still an underutilized format in design.

RGB vs CMYK Logos

RGB is a subtractive colour model that uses light to generate colour. RGB uses some combination of red, green and blue to form all of the colours within its spectrum. Since light is being used to generate colour in an RGB model, it provides for a more vibrant array of colours to choose from than its CMYK counterpart. This makes RGB logo downloads the ideal format for a digital display, like computers, laptops, televisions, and phones. RGB would not be the ideal colour model for print because many of the colours within the RGB space can only be generated with light. In print colours are generated with ink (cyan, magenta, yellow, black), hence the separate CYMK downloads various logo types. Do not use CMKY downloads for your presentations as these will turn out duller due to their inherent nature.

SCPS Logo Usage Guide
SCPS Brand Assets
Logo Usage Guide